We believe the clothing a dog owner wears, when walking or training, should serve a purpose but also do so in style.
Created by dog owners for dog owners, our dog training jacket meets the unique needs of a canine's two-legged companion.
Unlike average dogsport clothes, BOLLI's outdoor jacket is outfitted with multiple pocket compartments.
Use the 15+ pockets to carry chew toys, treats for training, dog waste bags, collars, leashes and more.

Exercising your dog regularly can drastically improve his or her health and extend life expectancy.
Get out there and get to it! Walk your pooch in the park, pack up for a beach day or hit the trails for a day hike. Slip our dog utility jacket on before walking out the door for the most comfortable outdoor adventure possible. Engineered to withstand the elements, our dog jacket repels rainwater and a breathable material that stays cool on warm days.


Dog's stuff...

Ball Launcher Holder

Smart holder for the popular ball launcher. Easy to reach.

Treat Pouch

Sturdy and washable treat pouch. Attachable via carabiners on left or right side of the jacket.

Leash Holder

Quickly attach and detach the leash via push button.  

Waste Bag Dispenser

Smart inside pocket for wastebags. An outlet can dispense the bags.

Large Back Pocket

The pocket is made for your dog's toys like a frisbee, ball, toys etc.

Human's stuff...

2 Breast Pockets

Breast pockets with zippers keep your second favourite companion secure and close to you. It includes an inner outlet for your earphones.

Dog Whistle Holder

Right breast pocket includes a D-ring for your dog whistle. Super easy access.

Earphones Outlet

This smart outlet protects your earphones and avoids annoying cords hanging around. 

2 Inside pockets w/ velcro

Two inside pockets, one with Velcro, can contain your drink, keys, sunglasses etc.

2 Inside pockets w/ zipper

Two inside pockets, one with zipper, can contain your snacks, wallet, the detached treat pouch etc.